Yoto launches Kickstarter campaign!

Edspace has had the pleasure of watching the Yoto team bring their product to life, as they have been a part of the community since the start of the year.  Today, we’re delighted that they’ve officially launched their Kickstarter Campaign to get the project fully up and running!

Their product - known as “Yoto” - is made for young children and offers opportunities for fun and learning alike.  It consists of a clever speaker (a very cool, light-box-looking device) and physical cards that the child puts into the speaker to play select audios.  Audio options are based on specific categories: music & stories, learning, radio, podcasts, yoto daily, and make your own.  A diverse range of content is covered.  For example, music cards play anything from a tune to get a child dancing to a nursery rhyme to a modern hit.

There are distinct benefits to using Yoto with children.  The product is founded in Montessori principles, allowing children to have autonomy over what they choose and when they choose it.  The nature of this play allows for learning at an appropriate and productive level and pace.  Additionally, Yoto mitigates fears surrounding children and technology use.  Children on the internet can get anywhere in a few clicks and increasingly, it seems various devices record our words and actions.  Yoto poses none of those problems.

Since the inception of Yoto in March 2015, founders Ben and Filip have played around with various designs and tested prototypes.   Finally, they are ready to manufacture their products but need your help - contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here!