Mark your place in the education innovation ecosystem

Edspace is the focal point for a growing number of education innovators - and we benefit from a privileged position at the centre of this expanding ecosystem.

We are connected to a wide range of innovative education ventures - from in-class apps, to whole school management, to entirely new peer education systems. We can see various patterns emerging, and decided to map an ecosystem of the immediate members of Edspace and our parter edtech accelerator, Emerge Education.

The resulting drawing, with pen on paper connecting nodes around a circle with lines, highlighted interesting market clusters and and gaps - showing more competitive areas, and opportunities ripe for innovation.

To share the insight more widely, we used 180 eyelet screws, over 60m of neon thread, and more than 360 knots to replicate the model in 3D inside Edspace. It's quite a talking point!

Mark your place in the ecosystem

The current map includes the direct Edspace and Emerge Education members at the time of creation. But more have joined Edspace even in the short time since we made it, and we know there are many more innovative projects, organisations and ventures out there.

What are we seeing happen in education innovation? What are we not seeing?

Our ambition is to build this map together, and share the knowledge - by inviting you to add your own details. 


Thanks go to:
Zahra Davidson, founder, Enrol Yourself - fellow systems changer who helped devise and map the ecosystem
Dave Lynam, General Assembly instructor and Edspace member host - who did a lot of string tying and photo taking
Shannon Nolan, third year student at the University of Iowa majoring in Journalism and Engaged Social Innovation - for writing an article based on one of the clusters shown by the map