Youth Leadership and Mentoring day at Edspace

Last week Edspace played host to a Youth Leadership and Mentoring programme, run by Leadership Development organisation, JOLT International.

The one-day masterclass was led by Jacqueline Onalo, Senior Human Rights Lawyer and Leadership Trainer.  The focus of the masterclass was to provide participants with an opportunity to receive coaching, advice and guidance to develop career, life  and active citizenship skills.  Individuals were challenged to draw upon self-reflection and self-awareness skills to help achieve their academic, career and community goals.  The day offered twelve participants access to a dedicated trainer and two facilitators.

“I’m delighted with the outcome of our recent masterclass at Edspace; An Introduction to JOLT Youth Leadership and Mentoring Programme.  We really enjoyed our time there and Edspace was a great location for our programme - we even used the Edspace grounds for the last session on future planning where our participants, walked around in the fresh air whilst talking in pairs and focusing on the learning from the day.”
— Jacqueline Onalo

One session considered the influence of social media in today’s world, asking is social media a friend or fiend?  Another session was entitled ‘Money Matters’ and sought to empower individuals to form a healthy relationship with money, budgeting, creating and maintaining a good credit rating.  There was exploration of identity and finally what makes a good leader and what styles of leadership are most effective. The participants initially chose transformational and servant leadership as their preferred style but then all settled on situational leadership because this adopts to circumstances and individuals involved. The positive unsolicited testimonials from participants validate the 12 step programme of unlocking potential.

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