Educators Need Funding for EdTech

On 2 March, 2017,  Nesta and Edspace partnered on the Rocket Fund platform to launch the 1 Mile Project. This project enables teachers to buy the equipment or services they believe will have the biggest impact on their students education by raising money from local businesses and the community. 

[Read more about Nesta and Edspace's partnership here]

Currently, ten schools are being promoted on Rocket Fund hoping to receive funding for future classroom technology such as higher capacity computers and iPads for virtual reality learning. 

Projects are listed for a limited time yet some have not received any pledges thus far. 

If you, your company or anyone you know would be interested in supporting these schools please follow this link to find out more about the projects looking for support. Any donation or share is greatly appreciated from the Edspace team, the 1 Mile Project and those schools who will benefit from this aide.