MakerClub's 'Bright Sparks' Programme Nominated for Tech4Good Award

Edspace network member, MakerClub, has been nominated for a Tech4Good Award in Digital Skills for their programme Bright Sparks. Previous winners of this award include Professor Stephen Hawking, Code Club ActionAid and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. 

Bright Sparks is a programme within the MakerClub company offering children in low-income families the opportunity to learn technological skills. The programme began in Brighton in March 2017, but already has found the support of 20 companies and 40 trained volunteers. This backing allows for 25 students age 8-13 to participate in weekly sessions at no cost. 

Around the MakerClub spaces, Bright Sparks partners with digital companies to both sponsor the cost for students and volunteer their expertise. This allows low-income families to send their children to the club for free.

Being nominated for the Tech4Good Award puts MakerClub in the running for two different awards, the panel selection and the people's award. MakerClub is looking for any and all who support their efforts to click here and vote for Bright Sparks. Votes are also counted through the use of the Twitter hashtag "#T4GBrightSparks".

MakerClub, the company behind the Bright Sparks programme, is a network of after-school clubs based in the UK that are designed to teach children the skills to invent.

The voting for the Tech4Good Award is open until 5pm 7 July 2017. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 11 July 2017.