DigitalTown, Digital Greenwich, Dot London Domains and MMX Announce Strategic Partnership for a Smart London

London is about to get smarter! Edspacers were chatting with DigitalTown last week who are launching at London Tech Week. It’s the city’s largest smart platform for registered businesses, traders and citizens to search, share, connect, collaborate and transact on a global level in a local way. All this on one single sign on, via a SMART wallet, verified identity and accrued reputation through good old citizenship activities. So basically: the next level sharing economy.

It’s an ambitious project looking for ambitious programmers. They are hosting a virtual hackathon starting June 12th until June 30th. Winner gets £5,000, owns the IP, gets announced live at London Bridge, gets some love from the city of London, then best part…..roundtrip flight to Miami as part of their next deployment there where your product also gets scaled across 23,000 smart city platforms. You can register here if this sounds like the dream, we think it does!

DigitalTown know that some of you are really invested in making the city smarter already... So you’re invited to their big DigitalTown hall event on June 13th, with some pretty cool speakers and big thinkers in the SMART cities, public services, global tourism, corporate and technology sectors around the world. Definitely worth getting there; you can sign up here. The event will be livestreamed and hosting an online conversation via #LondonNeeds, too, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, tweet or instagram our accounts and theirs (@Digi_Town) using the #LondonNEEDS hashtag to share the biggest needs and missed opportunities you feel are in this wonderful city. It’s a big conversation that starts here...