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 Liane Katz

Liane Katz is a London, UK based #edtech startup that introduces children to computer programming, it launched in 2016 and has recently expanded its services to Hong Kong with local partner Creative Coding Kids. In an interview last week, we took some time to talk to Liane Katz co-founder of, to understand more about the the company.

How did MAMA.Codes originally start?

Liane worked in digital industries for 15 years and realised she wanted the younger generation to learn how to code, especially her daughter. Liane explains,

“I was worried my daughter might miss out on this vital 21st century skill.”

So along with two other London mums with digital backgrounds including coding, the group set about solving that problem.  The group came up with a programme of innovative, engaging and sequence based projects that families could code together using the free ScratchJr coding app, developed by MIT in Boston. She adds,

“We ran popular “parent hacks” based in people’s homes where we demystified coding for parents and talked about how they could support their kids’ learning in this new area.  Then, with input from partner schools and educator Sway Grantham - who has created her own coding curriculum - we have developed our latest school curriculum packs for 3-5 year olds and 5-7 year olds,” adds Liane.

It wasn’t surprising to discover that Liane’s passion is directly related to her profession, when asked what gets her out of bed every morning Liane explains,

“I want to make a difference by re-shaping coding education. I want it to be more widely accessible: being in the 21st century this is a skill ALL our kids need to be learning. We won’t manage to close the UK’s £63 billion a year digital skills gap by only appealing to the same narrow stereotypes.”

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

In terms of sustainable growth, Liane is optimistic about’ potential. The company is increasing its network of local code clubs and holiday camps in London with efforts to expand nationally; there are also plans for a family subscription product. Liane adds,

“I want to make a mainstream brand, for a family to turn to for educational activities and also for schools to use on a global scale. It’s important to redefine what people think coding is and what a coder looks like.”

What kind of person is needed to succeed at

Are you looking into working at Liane provides a detailed list of the ideal employee,

“When I’m looking to hire, I always search for someone who is dynamic, dedicated, creative, passionate, self-starting and efficient. We are currently looking to hire a sales & marketing manager and will be recruiting an additional 15 reps by the end of the year to run code clubs and holiday camps in their local area.”

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