Click into Your Creative Classroom

  Creative Adventures & Technology in Your Classroom - Free CPD Event

Creative Adventures & Technology in Your Classroom - Free CPD Event

Let us help you to empower your pupils to open up a world of opportunities through the development of 21st century skills. Research from The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030 highlights the importance of higher-order skills such as originality, fluency of ideas and problem solving, all of which map to creativity in the classroom and beyond.

We’re here to support you and your pupils to click in to greater creativity in the classroom, all while meeting the demands of the curriculum and having fun! As forward-thinking teachers know, the future will be shaped by technology and therefore digital literacy is the passport to the future for all children. A Manifesto for the Creative Economy states, creative skills and information and communication technology (ICT) are two key ingredients of a thriving creative economy. ICT complements the non–routine problem–solving and complex communications tasks that are associated with creativity.

Having the opportunity to connect, learn and play with digital tools will enable your students to be well-prepared for a technologically rich future. That’s why we’ve created a FREE CPD event focussed on boosting creativity & technology in your classroom. We’ve gathered a collection of creative education companies who cannot wait to share their innovative tools and creative approaches that make learning so much fun, it simply feels like play.

Click into Your Creative Classroom has been created with primary school teachers in mind, however anyone interested in technology and creativity for schools, both now and in the future, is welcome to join in the fun.

If you’re ready to click into your creative classroom, join us on Thursday the 14th of June from 6pm - 8pm at EdSpace, Block D, New City College, Hackney Campus for pizza and some refreshing drinks, before experiencing a range of exciting FREE demos of the latest gadgets set to bring your classroom into the 21st century.

This FREE CPD event is proudly brought to you by EdSpace - The epicentre of education and innovation in London, and the U.K’s only co-working space for the education community.  


Guest Speakers

  • Ty Goddard - The Education Foundations

Ty is a respected adviser, writer, and Director of The Education Foundation, an independent organisation focused on reform, technology & innovation across education. Ty also leads strategic body, EDtechUK, accelerating the UK's edtech sector and globally.

  • Donna Shah - Computing Specialist

Donna is an experienced primary teacher and computing specialist who teaches and leads computing and technology. As a computing lead, Donna supports other primary schools to develop their use of technology in schools.


Some Exhibitors:


now>press>play - Improve Listening, Strengthen Vocabulary and Ignite Creativity in Your Class

Allow the creative team at now>press>play to take you on a fantastical journey. They’ll  show you how they are fusing wireless technology, drama and sound to create unique educational experiences that help you to bring the curriculum to life through sound, story, emotion and movement. Engaging for the young and the young at heart, Now>Press>Play is a modern-day resource to develop listening skills, enrich vocabulary and boost creative thinking for all students, especially those lively ones who just love to get moving!

Night Zookeeper - Inspire a Love of Writing and Enliven Literacy Motivation for Your Students

Let the squad from Night Zookeeper whisk you away to a world of wonder… Discover ways to inspire a love of writing, strengthen engagement with texts, develop comprehension and boost your students’ vocabulary, all while skyrocketing the results from your literacy programme in fun and creative ways. Uncover new ways to spark the imagination of even your most reluctant students with the magic of Night Zookeeper.

Maths on Toast - Experience & Share the Hands-on Magic of Maths

Get involved with Maths on Toast as they support teachers, parents and students to get more creative and hands-on with maths. The gang at Maths on Toast will give you tips and tools to celebrate the maths curriculum with your students in exciting real-world ways that ignite the imagination and provide opportunities for 21st century skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Maths on Toast makes maths fun for the whole community, so come down to experience what Maths on Toast can do for you and your school.

Mama Codes - Learn the Language of Coding - Easy as ABC and 123!

Get involved with the Mama Codes posse, as they teach you to teach coding as a language through fun, creative projects that make kids and adults go, ‘Wow!’ Teaching coding through popular nursery rhymes, well-known jokes and classic stories makes the language of coding a natural next step for children of all ages. Through their innovative projects, Mama Codes empowers pre-school and primary educators to teach coding with ease. No experience necessary, because Mama Codes makes it as easy as ABC and 123!


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